Collection: Sis Spritz- Room & Linen Sprays

Skip stuffing those bounce dryer sheets on your couch and in between the mattresses, Sis. Secure a big girl room spray to elevate your space naturally. Our exclusive 3.4 oz. room & linen sprays use organic alcohol and organic wildcrafted witch hazel, making them skin-safe and pet friendly. Say goodbye to artificial fragrances and hello to a sophisticated, eco-friendly way to freshen up your surroundings.

How to Use:

Please spray from 2ft away from your chosen surface. We recommend using them on linens, curtains, bedding, towels, rugs, decorative pillows, car seats, pet bedding, and in the air. Avoid fabrics with light colors. Do not drink or ingest. This is for external use only. Please avoid contact with eyes and face.
Do not spray on wooden or painted surfaces.


Organic Sugarcane Alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol)
Organic + Wildcrafted Witch Hazel
Organic Gluten-Free + Non-GMO Grain Alcohol (derived from corn)

The Benefits:

Environmentally friendly
100% Natural + Pure